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The Disability and Employment Community of Practice is an online learning destination for public workforce system staff and partners, jobseekers, community-based organizations, grantees, and the business sector, who provide services and programs to people with disabilities and/or other challenges to employment. It is a “one-stop-shop” venue for workforce practitioners to find or share high quality information about how to better provide integrated, seamless, and accessible services and programs to people with disabilities and/or other challenges to employment. By participating in the Disability and Employment Community of Practice, you will be able to: Explore best practices that have been working for others and which may work in your own region; Look up specific information, training, or toolkits to help you do your job better; Ask your specific workforce questions to get answers from your peers and experts; Access the latest live training and upcoming events in your area of workforce expertise; and Share your own content or knowledge expertise with your peers, to build your “brand” both within your own region and across the USA.

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