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“Coming Out Proud to Eliminate the Stigma of Mental Illness” 29267 04/01/14 04:36PM04/01/14 04:30PM
American Job Center Shopping for Successful Reemployment Practices, 2013 494126 07/05/13 12:10PM07/05/13 12:07PM
Disabled Veterans National Foundation Provides Veterans With Job Benefits Information Download Now 5837439 03/18/14 10:59AM01/24/12 04:51PM
NDI Highlights Online Money Management Tools for Financial Education 418130 09/05/14 09:30AM09/05/14 09:30AM
Paycheck Plus: MDRC Brief: A New Antipoverty Strategy for Single Adults, May 2014 34374 06/26/14 10:03AM06/26/14 09:58AM
Questions and Answers Regarding Inclusion of English Learners with Disabilities in English Language Proficiency Assessments 42877 09/02/14 10:36AM07/28/14 01:43PM
Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse (SSRC) 605160 11/21/13 12:53PM11/21/13 12:53PM
The Stuart Foundation just issued a Report: "The Invisible Achievement Gap." Download Now 410203 10/17/13 01:27PM10/17/13 01:23PM
"2011 Assessment of the Disability Services System in Virginia" Download Now 435228 11/26/11 03:20PM11/26/11 03:20PM
"A Better Bottom Line: "Employing Virginians with Disabilities." Download Now 595779 12/05/13 03:57PM12/05/13 03:54PM
"A Dual Enrollment Postsecondary Education Program for Students with Intellectual Disabilities: Winthrop Transition to College"- Information Brief Download Now 524352 05/30/13 12:55PM05/30/13 12:53PM
"A Roadmap to a 21st-Century Disability Policy," January 2012, Mathematica Download Now 515240 02/06/12 08:34PM02/06/12 08:33PM
"Back to Work: Recent SSA Employment Demonstrations for People with Disabilities," MPR Report Download Now 367213 10/30/13 03:40PM10/30/13 03:40PM
"Certificates: Gateway to Gainful Employment and College Degrees," Center on Education and the Workforce, Georgetown Univeristy, June, 2012 Download Now 1441381 06/09/12 08:28AM06/09/12 08:27AM
"Common Evidence Guidelines," Institute of Education & National Science Foundation Download Now 396259 10/30/13 04:14PM10/30/13 04:13PM
"Connecting to Jobs by Connecting to Transit" Download Now 613770 02/05/13 09:31AM02/05/13 08:48AM
"Cultural Shift" is Among Findings of Second Cance Act Evaluation 596116 01/13/14 02:12PM01/13/14 01:49PM
"Eduployment: Creating Opportunity Policies for America's Youth Youth," Transition Funders Group Download Now 482225 05/16/13 02:34PM05/16/13 02:33PM
"Employer Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Hiring the Employment of Military Veterans," 2012 Download Now 664334 11/30/12 01:57PM11/30/12 01:56PM
"Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security, 2013." Download Now 583278 08/08/13 07:17PM08/08/13 03:43PM
"Improving College and Career Readiness for Students with Disabilities," Information Brief, American Institute for Research (March 2013) Download Now 761238 05/16/13 02:27PM05/16/13 02:26PM
"In Accessing Credit Reports for Foster Youth: A Reference Guide for Child Welfare Agencies" Download Now 615275 07/09/13 12:27PM07/09/13 12:26PM
"Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S. 2010," Census Bureau 457115 09/20/11 03:02PM09/20/11 03:02PM
"Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion," USBLN Download Now 549252 08/02/13 01:36PM08/02/13 01:31PM
"Making the Right Turn: A Guide About Improving Transition Outcomes for Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System" Download Now 384226 08/26/13 01:32PM08/26/13 01:32PM
"Measure of America 2013-2014 – American Human Development Report." Download Now 443204 08/02/13 01:56PM08/02/13 01:54PM
"SNAP Enrollment Remains High Because the Job Market Remains Weak." Download Now 402180 07/30/13 12:11PM07/30/13 12:11PM
"Stimulating Opportunity: An Evaluation of ARRA-Funded Subsidized Employment Programs" Download Now 469206 09/18/13 03:18PM09/18/13 03:11PM
"Strategies to Meet One-Stop Career Centers' Business and Job-Seeker Customer Needs for Employment-Related Transportation Services," ETA TEN No. 21-11 Download Now 1069343 03/13/14 01:55PM01/03/12 04:08PM
"Strategies to Support Employer-Driven Initiatives to Recruit and Retain Employees with Disabilities." Download Now 684239 07/28/12 01:55PM07/28/12 01:52PM
"Strategies Used by Employment Service Provders in the Job Development Process," Technical Report, TransCEN Download Now 699325 01/09/12 03:18PM01/09/12 03:18PM
"The Assets Report 2012," New America Foundation Download Now 511229 04/15/12 03:33PM04/15/12 03:32PM
"Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Helping People With Psychiatric Disabilities Get Employed: How Far Have We Come? How Far Do We Have to Go? Download Now 516195 05/21/13 02:39PM05/21/13 02:38PM
$4.6 Million in Grants Awarded for Research Projects Aimed at Helping Improve Lives of People with Disabilities Download Now 736227 10/23/13 12:52PM10/23/13 12:50PM
'Disability Data in National Surveys, Final Report," MPR, August 22, 2011 Download Now 458339 09/20/11 01:04PM09/20/11 01:04PM
(Podcast) Colorado Youth WINS: Serving Youth with Disabilities Through Colorado’s Workforce System 452144 06/20/11 03:34PM06/20/11 03:00PM
(Podcast) Connecting One Stop Career Centers with the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work Program: Becoming an Employment Network (EN) - A Way to Serve Customers with Disabilities and Generate Revenue for the One-Stop Career Center System 435184 06/20/11 03:54PM06/20/11 03:54PM
(Podcast) Disability Program Navigator Training on Electronic-Tools (E-Tools) 407143 06/20/11 11:30PM06/20/11 11:30PM
(Podcast) Employer 30-Second Training Series: Information & Supports for Hiring & Accommodating Employees with Disabilities 460214 06/20/11 11:43PM06/20/11 11:43PM
(Podcast) Integrated Resource Team (IRT) Model: Strategy to Serve Job Seekers with Multiple Barriers to Employment 2195431 07/05/11 06:16PM06/27/11 10:00AM
(Podcast) Integrating the Disability Perspective into the WIRED Framework 431159 06/21/11 12:18AM06/21/11 12:18AM
(Podcast) One-Stop Ticket Success Project: State and Local Workforce Investment Boards and One-Stop Career Centers on Becoming Employment Networks (ENs) under the Ticket to Work Program 523158 06/21/11 12:06AM06/21/11 12:06AM
(Podcast) Promoting Access to STEM Learning Opportunities and Jobs for Students with Disabilities 1657249 07/05/11 06:24PM06/27/11 12:45AM
(Podcast) Promoting Entrepreneurship Through The One Stop Career Center System for Persons with Disabilities, Including Disabled Veterans 517165 06/21/11 12:28AM06/21/11 12:28AM
(Podcast) Serving Disabled Veterans in the One-Stop Career Center System: Win-Win Partnerships Between the Disability Program Navigators (DPNs), Disabled Outreach Program (DVOPs), and Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVERs) 506182 06/27/11 12:25AM06/22/11 11:37PM
(Podcast) Tax Benefits for Veterans, Including Disabled Veterans: Internal Revenue Services and Department of Labor’s Veterans and Employment and Training Service, and Employment and Training Administration Partnerships 479164 06/21/11 06:35PM06/21/11 06:35PM
(Podcast) Workplace Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities 877194 07/05/11 06:24PM06/27/11 12:22AM
(Webinar) Using State and Local Workforce Data for Analysis and Informed Decision-Making 449176 06/23/11 04:56PM06/23/11 04:56PM
,"The Cornerstones of Economic Security for Resilient Workers: A Policy Framework for Shared Action." Download Now 2789329 03/18/14 11:33AM04/19/13 03:54PM
“CAP Quick Tip: Wounded Service Members Requests,” 441118 07/15/14 01:41PM07/15/14 01:35PM
2011 Annual Trustees Reports on Social Security and Medicare Download Now 407356 06/06/11 08:16AM06/05/11 03:12PM
2014 DiversityInc Top Ten Companies for People with Disabilities 478115 04/29/14 04:49PM04/29/14 04:37PM
2014 Investing in Innovation (i3) Competition - Priority 3: Improving Academic Outcomes for Students with Disabilities 30664 03/20/14 01:19PM03/20/14 01:19PM
30 Second Training - What Employers Have Compliance Responsibilities under the ADA? Download Now 502209 09/11/14 09:01AM09/05/14 03:04PM
30 Second Training: Benefits of Providing Accommodations for Employee with a Disability 498116 09/11/14 09:11AM09/11/14 08:59AM
30 Second Trainings: Employment Basics for Business and Employing People with Disabilities 453131 09/12/14 10:12AM09/12/14 10:02AM
60 Minutes Feature - Platform to Employment for Long Term Unemployed at WorkPlace Inc. 845200 10/15/14 10:46AM10/15/14 10:42AM
A Guide to State Fiscal Policies for a Stronger Economy 21952 06/24/14 02:24PM06/24/14 02:24PM
A Look Into the New Section 503 Regulations, Job Accommodations Network Download Now 636255 10/25/13 02:27PM10/25/13 02:26PM
A Place of My Own: How The ADA Is Creating Integrated Housing Opportunities For People With Mental Illnesses. 24767 04/01/14 01:48PM04/01/14 01:48PM
A Planning Guide for Making Temporary Events Accessible to People With Disabilities 900231 07/29/15 02:21PM07/29/15 02:18PM
A Planning Guide for Making Temporary Events Accessible to People with Disabilities 2015 926264 05/15/15 11:16AM05/15/15 11:16AM
A Practical Guide for People with Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Work Download Now 435264 05/24/13 04:15PM05/24/13 04:12PM
A Practical Guide for People with Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Work-Facilitator's Manual Download Now 346219 05/24/13 04:24PM05/24/13 04:22PM
A Prioritized Research Agenda for Suicide Prevention: An Action Plan to Save Lives 28791 03/03/14 01:33PM03/03/14 01:33PM
A Toolkit for Counting Homeless Youth Download Now 643211 08/21/12 01:21PM08/21/12 01:19PM
AAPD and USBLN - DISABILITY EQUALITY INDEX “SOFT” LAUNCH ANNOUNCED October 2, 2013 Download Now 3361188 10/24/13 10:58AM10/24/13 10:58AM
AAPD Announces New Grant Program to Expand Work Opportunities for Young Americans with Disabilties 3760 10/25/13 09:24AM10/25/13 09:17AM
AAPD Offers Interfaith Guide to Promote Inclusion in Faith-Based Organizations 28275 07/01/14 08:25AM07/01/14 08:25AM
AbleData Fact Sheet: Tips for Choosing AT Products for Yourself 30180 03/03/14 01:42PM03/03/14 01:39PM
Access to America's Job Centers: Section 188 Checklist 462100 04/11/14 04:49PM04/11/14 03:46PM
Access to American Job Centers - Part 3: The Workforce Development System and W-P and WIA Access 36191 04/16/14 03:12PM04/16/14 03:12PM
Access to the WIA and Wagner-Peyser Programs and Services 398103 04/09/14 04:09PM04/09/14 04:06PM
Accessible Computer Workstations Download Now 510250 04/29/12 04:54PM04/29/12 04:53PM
Accommodation and Compliance Series: Employers' Guide to Including Employees with Disabilities in Emergency Evacuation Plans 576111 11/16/12 04:34PM11/16/12 04:34PM
Acessible technology 391143 04/19/11 10:56AM04/09/11 11:34AM
Achieve Report - Competency-Based Pathways: The Imperative for State Leadership 44287 09/05/14 08:56AM09/04/14 01:56PM
ADA 25th Anniversary: "Advancing Equal Access to Opportunity" 35869 06/30/15 09:37AM06/30/15 09:37AM
ADA National Network 2015 Profile 26573 06/01/15 02:19PM06/01/15 02:19PM
ADA National Network; Provides Technical Assistance and Resources to the Business Community 35371 09/04/14 12:26PM09/04/14 12:26PM
Administration for Children and Families (ACF) awards over $12.6 million in Assets for Independence (AFI) grants Download Now 396163 11/21/13 01:01PM11/21/13 12:59PM
Adult Literacy Fact Sheet, National Coalition for Literacy Download Now 764342 09/21/12 09:47AM09/21/12 09:46AM
Advances in Workforce Policy: Insights from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Training Grants 27969 08/13/14 03:44PM08/13/14 03:34PM
Advancing Economic Opportunities for Business Owners and Job Seekers with Disabilities: A Review of State and Municipal Government Contracting Procurement and Tax Incentive Programs for Disability-owned Businesses 41970 01/15/14 10:33AM01/15/14 10:25AM
Allsup "Disability Study: Income at Risk," January 2013 Download Now 688213 01/29/13 03:29PM01/29/13 03:29PM
America's Homelessness Continues Downward Trend, Despite Nearly 1.5 Million Americans Using Shelers 31281 01/23/14 11:36AM01/23/14 11:06AM
American Job Center Access 30-Second Training Series and complementary AJC Access Resource Guide 454123 04/30/14 03:51PM04/30/14 03:51PM
American Journal of Public Health: “Mental Illness Stigma” 27373 05/09/14 03:33PM05/09/14 02:21PM
American Public Human Services Association's Policy Brief, entitled, "Employment for People with Disabilities." Download Now 663206 11/06/12 05:51PM11/06/12 03:39PM
Americans with Disabilities, 2010, Census Bureau Report"(July 2012). Download Now 969343 07/29/12 11:47PM07/28/12 01:15PM
AmeriCorps Tutors Boost Student Literacy Independent Evaluation Finds Minnesota Reading Corps Produces Strong Literacy Gains 444128 03/20/14 01:19PM03/20/14 08:38AM
Amy Mullins' TED Talk on Opportunity of Adversity Redefines "Disability" 671126 02/12/14 09:50AM02/12/14 09:47AM
An Overview by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, "The State(s) of Medicaid Expansion" Download Now 611208 10/02/12 10:27AM10/02/12 10:27AM
Announcing DOL Funds for the 2013 ETA Research Papers Program. Download Now 383178 09/18/13 04:51PM09/18/13 04:49PM
Announcing the Round 3 of Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) Grants to States Download Now 851260 04/16/12 01:54PM04/16/12 01:37PM
April Is Financial Literacy Month. Download Now 489234 04/06/12 03:18PM04/06/12 03:18PM
APSE Provides Status of WIOA State Plans as of January 26, 2016 51075 01/27/16 03:52PM01/27/16 11:00AM
APSE's WIOA State Plan Review Guide Download Now 2191637 01/27/16 03:51PM01/27/16 10:44AM
Aspirations and Achievement of Minority Male Students: What’s the Gap About? 302107 05/12/14 09:50AM05/12/14 09:50AM
Assessing and Serving TANF Recipients with Disabilities 437135 02/21/14 09:21AM02/21/14 09:13AM
Assessment and Screening Tools for Measuring Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Independent Living Skills in Adolescents. 566164 03/06/11 11:18AM03/06/11 11:18AM
Assessment of Workforce Systems' Implementation of the Priority of Service Provision of the Jobs for Veterans' Act of 2002 34783 01/17/14 01:17PM01/17/14 12:59PM
Assets for Independence (AFI)-Innovative Projects and New Strategies, 2013 528157 07/05/13 11:58AM07/05/13 11:58AM
Assets for Independence Resource Center: Serving People with Disabilities 620116 01/02/12 09:41PM01/02/12 09:37PM
AT Resource: 30 Second Training Series on Access to American Job Centers 497119 03/04/14 01:37PM03/04/14 01:19PM
At the Forefront: Poverty Impact Projections, August 2011 Download Now 448249 09/30/11 11:44AM09/30/11 11:44AM
At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities 607186 08/17/12 02:39PM08/17/12 02:39PM
Bazelon Center Report "Getting to Work: Promoting Employment of People with Mental Illness" 566132 09/10/14 01:11PM09/10/14 01:11PM
Best Places to Work in the Federal Governemnt, Analysis: Diversity and Inclusion Download Now 325322 08/26/13 03:12PM08/26/13 03:12PM
BLS Employment Data on People with Disabilities - July 2014 Download Now 354229 08/11/14 09:38AM08/11/14 09:37AM
Bridging the Gap Across Transition Job Accommodation Network 28649 12/09/15 04:25PM12/09/15 04:25PM
Building Employer-Responsive Workforce Systems at the State Level: A "How To" Manual 41479 01/15/14 10:05AM01/14/14 02:25PM
Business Case for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment: A Literature Review, Partnership for Workplace Mental Health Download Now 697334 09/21/12 09:24AM09/21/12 09:22AM
Business Strategies that Work: A Framework for Disability Inclusion 34298 05/01/15 01:37PM05/01/15 01:34PM
Business.USA Gov Website - Finalist for the ACT-IAT Ignititng Innovation Award 41461 01/27/14 03:26PM01/27/14 03:06PM
Call for Presentations: Putting the Pieces Together: Using Research and Analysis to Improve Program Effectiveness and Reduce Poverty 457118 02/26/14 01:39PM02/26/14 01:39PM
Can Every Person with a Disability Hold a Regular Job? 483137 04/07/15 01:50PM04/03/15 11:54AM
CAP Accommodates Workers’ Compensation Claimants 36976 11/14/14 10:08AM11/14/14 10:08AM
CAP Assistive Technology Solutions for People with Cognitive Impairments 38181 03/20/14 03:00PM03/20/14 03:00PM
CAP AT Product Recommendations for People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision 30569 03/04/14 03:58PM03/04/14 03:49PM
CAP Recommended Products for People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 28361 03/14/14 04:24PM03/14/14 04:14PM
CAP Videos and Assistive Technology Solutions for People with Cognitive Impairments 28384 03/27/14 03:28PM03/27/14 03:17PM
CAP YouTube Information on Quick Tips Needs Assessment 37995 03/19/14 08:56AM03/19/14 08:39AM
CAP YouTube Webinar Let's Talk Technology Solutions MS for ALS 348102 03/19/14 09:08AM03/19/14 09:08AM
CAP's Assistive Technology Demonstration Video, "Portable Memory Cueing Devices" 682225 04/29/14 11:25AM04/25/14 09:27AM
CAP: Assistive Technology Solutions 54999 11/21/14 09:43AM11/21/14 09:33AM
Career One-Stop Search Tool - The Job Description Writer 382123 02/14/14 01:32PM02/14/14 01:32PM
Career Pathway Toolkit Download Now 583274 03/30/12 03:19PM03/30/12 03:18PM
CareerOneStop’s Business Finder 23149 10/19/15 03:48PM10/19/15 03:46PM
Case Scenario: IRT as a DEI Strategic Service Delivery Components 35397 04/30/15 11:29AM04/30/15 11:29AM
Case Studies of Emerging/Innovative Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Practices in Improving Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Download Now 655255 05/21/13 02:54PM05/21/13 02:53PM
Catalog of Disability and Compensation Variables 27678 06/18/14 10:37AM06/02/14 02:00PM
CBPD Brief,"Official Poverty Measure Masks Gains Made Over Last 50 Years. Download Now 340376 09/16/13 12:22PM09/16/13 12:21PM
Census Bureau: Profile America Facts for Features -- Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act 25760 07/18/14 10:23AM07/18/14 10:18AM
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) Report,"Social Security Disability Insurance is Vital to Workers With Severe Impairments Download Now 627265 08/21/12 02:08PM08/21/12 02:08PM
Center on Disability - 29th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference 29267 03/04/14 03:39PM03/04/14 03:25PM
Checklist for Compliance with Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, As Amended 36974 08/24/15 02:45PM08/24/15 02:45PM
Clearing the Backlog and Facilitating Benefits for Veterans with Disabilities 28883 01/07/14 02:32PM01/07/14 02:03PM
CMS Issued a Q&A Document on the Home- and Community-Based Services Final Rule 30698 05/12/14 04:39PM05/09/14 04:39PM
CMS Issues Service Delivery Guidance for Individuals with Substance Abuse Disorders 27773 07/28/15 04:16PM07/28/15 04:14PM
CMS New Toolkit for Long Term Services and Supports 382119 09/16/14 09:12AM09/16/14 09:12AM
CMSuide to Effective State Practices and FAQs 28668 09/04/14 03:03PM09/04/14 03:03PM
Commission on Election Administration Issues Recommendations That Include Improved Access for Voters with Disabilities 322125 01/27/14 01:13PM01/27/14 10:58AM
Communication Interventions for Minimally Verbal Children With Autism: A Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial 433129 09/05/14 02:40PM09/05/14 02:18PM
Community College Web Accessibility: Field Initiated Development Project Overview 3970 05/12/14 02:28PM05/12/14 02:26PM
Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs 336115 03/06/11 11:23AM03/06/11 11:23AM
Conference Board Report," Level the Playing Field: Attracting, Engaging, and Advancing People with Disabilities." Download Now 1690378 03/13/14 02:03PM03/10/13 04:43PM
Conference Board Report: Do Ask, Do Tell 35667 04/07/15 01:49PM04/07/15 01:46PM
Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued an Overview Report on the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program, December 2012 Download Now 578243 12/16/12 01:31PM12/16/12 01:30PM
Congressional Passage of Continuing Resolution and Signing by President Obama 31954 10/06/14 10:24AM10/06/14 10:24AM
Congressional Research Service Reviews Ticket to Work Program Download Now 595274 11/06/13 03:19PM11/06/13 03:19PM
Congressional Research Service, "Vocational Rehabilitation Grants to States: Program Overview" Download Now 609262 09/30/13 05:39PM09/30/13 05:38PM
Connect with the Job Accommodation Network: Workplace Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities Download Now 528243 06/21/11 09:30AM06/21/11 09:30AM
Connecting At-Risk Youth to Promising Occupations Download Now 327211 10/30/13 03:32PM10/30/13 03:31PM
Connecting with the Business Sector on the Advantages of a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce (Recorded Webinar and Related Resources) 2163419 06/30/11 01:28PM07/01/11 07:46AM
Connections Between TANF and SSI: Lessons from the TANF/SSI Disability Transition Project 481121 02/28/14 09:25AM02/21/14 09:33AM
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Draft Toolkit for Money Management and Client Assistance Tools 512156 05/06/14 11:57AM05/06/14 10:32AM
Consumer-Driven Services Directory - How to Access or Provide Input 34378 09/02/14 10:51AM09/02/14 10:51AM
Cornell University, Employment and Disability Institute Issues 2012 Disability Status Report 37053 04/07/14 01:22PM04/07/14 09:40AM
Corporation for Enterprise Development's (CFED) 2013 Individual Development Account (IDA) Program Survey Download Now 390177 11/21/13 11:15AM11/21/13 11:15AM
Corporation for National and Community Service Invites Applicants for its Fiscal Year 2014 AmeriCorps Indian Tribes Grants. 35997 03/05/14 10:55AM03/05/14 10:52AM
Crossing the Divide: Programs that Bridge Child & Adult 25973 02/27/14 03:20PM02/27/14 03:02PM
CTAA and Partners Launch New National Volunteer Transportation Center 33778 07/30/14 09:31AM07/30/14 09:31AM
CTAA: "Design Thinking for Mobility" Toolkit Download Now 708245 11/05/13 01:48PM11/05/13 01:48PM
Data Note: Job Seekers with Disabilites at One-Stop Career Centers, 2002-2009 Download Now 360233 04/22/11 02:03PM04/21/11 12:59PM
DEI Asset Development Strategies and Resources 468125 01/13/15 01:08PM01/13/15 12:57PM
DEI Lessons Learned for WIA/WIOA: How Integrated Resource Teams Achieved WIA Outcomes for Populations that Experience Multiple Challenges to Employment and implications for WIOA 26456 10/29/15 01:18PM10/29/15 01:09PM
Department of Education Awards $211 Million for the Promoting the Readiness Of Minors in Supplemental Security Income (PROMISE) Initiative Download Now 676298 10/17/13 01:26PM09/30/13 06:11PM
Department of Education: Students with Disabilities are Disck 19035 03/25/14 04:10PM03/25/14 04:10PM
Department of Transportation Resources for People with Disabilities 418106 11/20/14 09:54AM11/20/14 09:43AM
Dept. of Education Awards $1.4 Million Grant to Establish Center on Technology and Disability Download Now 426191 09/30/13 01:23PM09/30/13 10:39AM
Designing Statewide Career Development Strategies & Programs 28250 12/08/15 05:02PM12/08/15 05:01PM
Designing Statewide Career Development Strategies and Programs Download Now 22888 11/06/15 04:26PM11/06/15 04:25PM
Developing a Postsecondary Career and Technical Education Program to Support Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 454109 05/01/15 01:53PM05/01/15 01:46PM
Digital Literacy Initiative 621148 09/10/11 04:16PM09/10/11 04:09PM
Disability Benefits Assistance Information and Resources Download Now 458560 12/12/14 11:55AM12/12/14 11:54AM
Disability Employment Information, Facts, and Myths from 827195 07/06/11 02:52PM07/06/11 02:52PM
Disability Equality Index Survey to be Released on June 26, 2014 32876 06/18/14 10:37AM06/02/14 02:12PM
Disability Research and Policy: New Evidence and Promising Ideas 36588 10/29/13 03:49PM10/29/13 03:27PM
Disability-related Programs Regain Little Ground in the FY 2014 Omnibus Spending Bill 409107 01/28/14 01:47PM01/28/14 01:39PM 10 Things to Know about the Americans with Disabilities Act 32783 07/24/15 02:43PM07/24/15 02:42PM
Diverse Children: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in America’s New Non-Majority Generation Download Now 357176 08/26/13 01:44PM08/26/13 01:44PM
DOEd Announces Major Change in How State Special Ed Programs Are Evaluated 20355 06/26/14 10:04AM06/25/14 10:39AM
DOEd Grants Totaling $350,000 for Braille Training Program 23141 04/15/14 12:44PM04/15/14 12:41PM
DOJ Data: Crime Against Persons with Disabilities, 2009–2012 - Statistical Tables 32389 02/26/14 01:26PM02/26/14 01:19PM
DOJ Requirements for Testing Accommodations 37987 09/09/15 03:01PM09/09/15 03:01PM
DOJ Settlement: Bazelon Center's Complaints Result in Agreement Ending Discrimination Against Bar Applicants Based on Mental Health Conditions 34187 08/18/14 10:39AM08/18/14 10:39AM
DOL Announces $53 Million for Workforce Innovations and Strategies 36996 05/15/14 11:04AM05/15/14 11:02AM
DOL Face Forward Grants to Help Juvenile Offenders Obtain Jobs 549101 03/21/14 01:41PM03/21/14 01:32PM
DOL's Integrated Service Delivery Toolkit 24548 01/05/16 09:39AM01/05/16 09:38AM
DOL's Registered Apprenticeship Program Resources for Veterans 42286 07/08/14 04:37PM07/08/14 04:27PM
DOL/EBSA Resources and Information on the Affordable Care Act 29261 06/26/14 02:40PM06/26/14 02:40PM
DOL/EBSA Toolkit Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning 30466 06/27/14 03:34PM06/27/14 03:33PM
DOL/ETA Flash Trainings on Workforce Services for Youth 408133 09/02/14 01:52PM09/02/14 01:52PM
DOL/ETA Sponsored Certification Finder - Easy to Use Search Tool for National Certifications 40586 02/14/14 12:12PM02/14/14 12:05PM
DOL/ETA's Credentials for Youth: Success in the 21st Century” Tool. 640131 11/06/12 05:06PM11/06/12 05:06PM
DOT: Accessible Transit Services for All 23341 10/20/15 11:54AM10/20/15 11:53AM
EARN Employer Accommodations / Productivity Enhancements 47387 01/25/16 01:41PM01/25/16 01:41PM
EARN Fact Sheet: Tips for Recruiting 348110 05/01/15 01:42PM05/01/15 01:42PM
EARN September Webinars in September on Strategies for Promoting Self-Identification and developing Inclusive Workplaces: 41086 08/27/14 10:28AM08/27/14 10:28AM
Economic Advancement for Individuals with Disabilities: New Tools and Services Available 533144 01/17/14 03:27PM01/17/14 01:21PM
Economic Impact of Community Colleges Estimated to Be Over $1 Trillion per Year 33141 03/11/14 11:20AM03/06/14 01:26PM
Education Logitudinal Study of 2002 High School Sophmores 10 Years Later. 31062 01/10/14 01:33PM01/10/14 01:26PM
EEOC: Direct Video Access Program 23635 01/25/16 01:26PM01/25/16 01:26PM
Emerging Employment Issues for People with Disabilities 26896 05/16/14 10:08AM05/16/14 09:55AM
Employer Assistance and Resource Network: Disability Etiquette Information Tips 21645 10/27/15 03:37PM10/27/15 03:37PM
Employer Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities: Federal Tax Incentives At-A-Glance 352104 06/01/15 03:28PM06/01/15 03:28PM
Employer Practices Rehabilitation Research Training Center 37491 12/09/13 01:18PM12/09/13 01:08PM
Employer Resource Guide for Hiring and Retaining Persons with Disabilities Download Now 2677897 10/04/12 04:24PM10/04/12 03:53PM
Employment among Those Served in Community Mental Health Programs Download Now 485174 03/31/13 04:37PM03/31/13 04:37PM
Employment Effects of Terminating Disability Benefits 399107 01/13/14 12:51PM01/13/14 09:56AM
Employment Services and Supports Available to Veterans with Disabilities Through VA and Other Federal Agencies 38083 04/21/14 01:25PM04/21/14 11:36AM
Employment, Earnings, and Primary Impairments Among Beneficiaries of Social Security Disability Programs 27465 06/01/15 10:27AM06/01/15 10:27AM - Learn about the economics of disability and accommodation. 856225 07/01/11 11:00AM07/01/11 11:00AM
ETA Report: Workforce System One-Stop Service for Public Assistance and Other Low-Income Populations Download Now 318237 04/19/11 09:55AM04/16/11 12:19PM
Every Job in America in One Graph!! 465116 01/10/14 04:12PM01/10/14 10:56AM
Examples of 28469 02/18/15 05:18PM02/18/15 05:18PM
Executive Summary - Money Follows the Person - Annual Report 52989 11/20/13 11:10AM11/20/13 10:03AM
Fact Sheet: Education Datapalooza to Promote Innovation in Improving College Access, Affordability, and Completion. 28294 03/05/14 10:49AM03/05/14 10:49AM
Fact Sheet:Employer Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities: Federal Tax Incentives At-A-Glance 43976 07/13/15 02:03PM07/13/15 02:02PM
FAQs: Using Customized Employment’s Discovery and Group Discovery Models to Promote Job Seeker Success in American Job Centers. 525139 05/14/15 10:09AM05/13/15 04:50PM
Fast Facts: Work-Based Learning for Students with Disabilities 24451 10/30/15 02:20PM10/30/15 02:19PM
Federal Commission on Long-Term Care (LTC) Releases Final Report Download Now 334161 10/17/13 01:48PM10/17/13 01:46PM
Final Report: President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability of Young Americans 32371 07/15/15 10:52AM07/15/15 10:50AM
Financial Capability Tip Sheet for Youth in Foster Care 427106 02/13/14 01:22PM02/13/14 01:10PM
Financing Long-Term Services and Supports for Individuals with Disabilities and Older Adults 372109 10/30/13 10:53AM10/30/13 10:38AM
Food Insecurity among Households with Working-Age Adults with Disabilities, 30679 05/22/14 10:39AM05/22/14 10:39AM
Forbes Publishes the Best Jobs for People with Disabilities 745154 11/06/14 10:24AM11/06/14 09:43AM
Fostering Disability-Inclusive Workplaces Through Employee Resource Groups 33392 06/01/15 03:22PM06/01/15 03:22PM
Fostering Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in STEM 510120 08/01/14 09:28AM08/01/14 09:27AM
Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA 30673 08/24/15 02:49PM08/24/15 02:49PM
FTA Releases Proposed Circular on Enhanced Mobility Program Download Now 640182 08/06/13 04:27PM08/06/13 04:26PM
Funding Opportunity: Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities Program: 35789 01/10/14 09:10AM01/10/14 08:54AM
Funding shortfall for Social Security disability program: Is it real? 511129 02/23/15 01:01PM02/23/15 12:52PM
GAO Report # GAO-14-154T, "Transportation Disadvantaged Populations Download Now 459192 11/06/13 04:49PM11/06/13 04:49PM
GAO Report 14-4 - Workforce Investment Act: DOL Should Do More to Improve Quality of Participant Data 374106 01/08/14 03:29PM01/06/14 11:08AM
GAO Report No. 14-215: Federal Workforce: Recent Trends in Federal Civilian Employment and Compensation 37870 01/30/14 03:19PM01/30/14 03:11PM
GAO Report, "Children's Mental Health: Concerns Remain About Appropriate Services for Children in Medicaid and Foster Care." Download Now 581210 01/18/13 06:05PM01/18/13 05:01PM
GAO Report: Demographics and Service Usage of Certain High-Expenditure Beneficiaries 48495 02/24/14 12:44PM02/24/14 10:51AM
GAO Report: VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment: Further Performance and Workload Management Improvements Are Needed. 30487 01/15/14 10:24AM01/15/14 09:33AM
GAO Testimony: Financial Literacy: Overview of Federal Activities, Progress, and Challenges 37278 04/30/14 03:36PM04/30/14 03:23PM
GAO WIA Report, "Innovative Collaborations Between Workforce Boards and Employers Helped Meet Urgent Workforce Needs," Download Now 609228 02/20/12 03:13PM02/20/12 02:47PM
GAO-13,457, "Employing People with Blindness Or Severe Disabilities: Enhanced Oversight of the AbilityOne Program Needed," May 30, 2013 Download Now 460244 05/30/13 05:18PM05/30/13 05:17PM
GAO-13-664, DOL Needs a Clear Plan to Improve Employment and Training Services on Tribal Lands to Veterans Download Now 466234 11/05/13 01:16PM11/05/13 01:15PM
Government Web site on youth 38696 03/06/11 11:26AM03/06/11 11:26AM
Grad Nation and America’s Promise Alliance Publish New Guidebook for Increasing Graduation Rates Download Now 457320 07/01/13 12:06PM07/01/13 12:06PM
Grants Awarded-Help Individuals With Disabilities Purchase Assistive Technology Download Now 432224 09/09/13 04:59PM09/09/13 04:57PM
Guidance on Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Youth on the Autism Spectrum 26079 02/04/14 03:56PM02/04/14 03:44PM
Guide to Designing an Individual Development Account Project 40691 03/07/14 09:53AM03/07/14 09:39AM
Guide to Disability for Healthcare Insurance Marketplace Navigators 403127 01/28/14 10:51AM01/28/14 10:43AM
Guide to Leading Policies, Practices and Resources: Supporting the Employment of Veterans and Military Families, 2012 547112 01/04/13 01:09PM01/04/13 01:09PM
Guidebook Covers Government Benefits, Employment for Veterans with Disabilities Download Now 546249 10/14/12 11:49AM10/14/12 11:49AM
Harvard Study Links Chemicals, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities 33289 02/19/14 10:50AM02/19/14 10:41AM
Health Coverage for Youth - National Youth Enrollment Day 307235 02/07/14 10:11AM02/07/14 10:04AM
Health Reform GPS, Dual Eligible Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaries Brief, August, 2011 Download Now 432267 08/28/11 05:06PM08/28/11 05:06PM
Healthy Transitions: A Pathway to Employment for Youth with Chronic Health Conditions and Other Disabilities 36974 02/03/14 10:01AM02/03/14 10:01AM
Helpline Provides Crisis Counseling for People Affected by Winter Storms 32578 02/24/14 09:32AM02/24/14 09:32AM
HHS Publishes Annual Poverty Guidelines 328122 01/22/14 01:05PM01/22/14 12:51PM
HHS Releases Career Pathways - Catalog of Toolkits; An Online Directory 517147 06/18/14 10:38AM06/02/14 09:44AM
HHS Report: Employment Strategies for Low-Income Adults 50775 01/25/16 01:32PM01/25/16 01:32PM
HHS Webinar - Online Work Readiness Assessement (OWRA) Tool; 2.0 Version 716132 01/08/14 04:14PM01/08/14 04:03PM
HHS, DOL and HUD Issue Joint Letter Encouraging Summer Youth Employment Efforts, 25159 04/03/14 02:49PM04/03/14 02:45PM
HHS: Using Medicaid for Those in Supportive Housing or Experiencing Chronic Homelessness 422127 10/14/14 03:16PM10/14/14 03:16PM
HIdden Disabilities in the Workplace Download Now 829269 04/29/12 05:27PM04/29/12 05:24PM
Homecare Final Rule - Extending Minimum Wage and Overtime to Direct Care Workers 442104 11/04/13 03:40PM11/04/13 09:36AM
Housing Assistance and Disconnection from Welfare and Work Download Now 342254 12/02/13 01:37PM12/02/13 01:37PM
How VR Services Affect Employment Outcomes for Adults with Cerebral Palsy 470111 10/22/14 11:39AM10/22/14 11:34AM
HUD Awards $57 Million for Self-Sufficiency Service Coordinators to Hundreds of Housing Authorities 584157 01/03/14 10:34AM01/03/14 10:07AM
HUD Awards Grants Totaling $24 Million For Senior Citizens and Individuals with Disabilities 33784 09/23/14 06:51PM09/23/14 06:50PM
HUD Webinar on Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities NOFA 25656 03/25/14 04:08PM03/25/14 03:58PM
ICI Data Note: "Setting Higher Employment Expectations for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities" Download Now 435230 10/12/11 03:30PM10/12/11 02:10PM
ICI Highlights Community Rehabilitation Provider Promising Practices Website 37188 07/03/14 11:54AM07/03/14 11:51AM
Idaho DEI Youth Project: YouTube Video Featuring Youth with a Disability 420113 06/04/15 02:30PM06/04/15 02:30PM
Improving Post-High School Outcomes for Transition-Age Students with Disabilities: An Evidence Review." Download Now 550205 08/20/13 02:27PM08/20/13 02:27PM
Improving Workforce Training Performance Through Improving State-Level Data Systems Download Now 368164 09/03/13 03:26PM09/03/13 03:26PM
Income Security: Older Adults and the 2007-2009 Recession GAO-12-76 October 17, 2011 Download Now 454253 10/30/11 09:27AM10/30/11 09:26AM
Indiana DEI's Quick Guide for Federal Contractors on Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act Download Now 341154 07/07/14 07:04PM07/07/14 04:50PM
Information Brief - Connecting At-Risk Youth to Promising Occupations." Download Now 388222 07/05/13 11:39AM07/05/13 11:36AM
Innovative Collaborations Between Workforce Boards and Employers Helped Meet Local Needs Download Now 347200 06/03/13 03:31PM06/03/13 03:31PM
Institiute of Education Services What Works Clearinghouse: Tips on successful college application and enrollment Download Now 348174 11/21/13 10:36AM11/21/13 10:34AM
Institute for Community Inclusion Report, "Cross-System Partnerships, and Funding Models of Four Types of State Agencies and Community Rehabilitation Providers" Download Now 722295 10/02/12 10:05AM10/02/12 10:03AM
Institute for Educational Leadership: "We Are the ADA Generation" 26063 09/08/15 10:48AM09/08/15 10:46AM
Institute for Veterans and Military Families - Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) 315102 05/30/14 04:51PM05/30/14 04:51PM
Institute of Community Inclusion: Data Note, Job Seekers with Disabilities at One-Stop Career Centers Download Now 401222 06/22/11 08:19AM06/21/11 03:20PM
Integrated Resource Team Guide and IRT Flow Chart Download Now 353202 02/09/15 04:51PM02/09/15 04:51PM
Integrated Resource Teams - Making Connections Job Seekers with Disabilities 618163 05/01/15 01:05PM04/30/15 11:19AM
Integrating Financial Security and Asset-Building Strategies into Workforce Development Programs Download Now 626237 05/13/13 02:55PM05/13/13 02:55PM
International Efforts to Serve Youth with Disabilities: Lessons for the US Disability Support System 27770 04/21/14 02:35PM04/21/14 02:35PM
Iowa Integration Policies for Job Seekers with Disabilities - Promising Practice from the Workforce System Download Now 512330 10/15/14 10:23AM10/14/14 03:22PM
Iowa Workforce Development: Integration Policies Handbook Download Now 716406 04/29/14 11:17AM04/29/14 11:17AM
Iowa Workforce Partners Employment Network (EN) Final Report, PY 2010 Download Now 893270 07/19/11 04:26PM07/19/11 04:26PM
Issue Brief: Employment Programs for Transition-Age Youth with Disabilities that Feature Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Supports: A Literature Review 27553 01/05/16 09:54AM01/05/16 09:54AM
JAN Accommodation and Compliance Series: Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact – Update for 2015 17237 10/13/15 03:52PM10/13/15 03:50PM
JAN E-news: Educating the Workforce about the ADA & Accommodations 33776 07/31/15 03:10PM07/31/15 03:09PM
JAN ENews Updates Include Centralized Accommodation Funds and Dress Codes Under the ADA 608112 01/27/15 04:01PM01/27/15 04:00PM
JAN Newsletter: Job Application/Interview Dos and Don'ts and Other News Updates 479156 05/06/14 09:31AM05/06/14 09:31AM
JAN Webinar:Making Online Applications Systems Accessible 379116 02/14/14 02:35PM02/14/14 02:31PM
Job Accommodation Network (JAN) - Assistance and Resources for Individuals with Disabilities and Employers 25047 11/03/15 02:59PM11/03/15 02:57PM
Job Accommodation Network (JAN) Brief Accommodating Employees in Manufacturing Settings Download Now 663207 08/11/12 04:54PM08/11/12 04:51PM
Job Accommodation Network JAN) Reports on Low Cost and High Impact of Workplace Accommodations Download Now 922332 10/14/12 12:22PM10/14/12 11:37AM
Job Accommodation Network Multimedia Training Microsite 32291 07/27/15 09:20AM07/27/15 09:20AM
Job Accommodation Network Newsletter 450139 11/03/14 04:46PM11/03/14 04:46PM
Job Accommodation Network Releases Just-in-Time Training Module on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 594152 01/09/15 01:05PM01/09/15 12:56PM
Job Accommodation Network Webcast Training Series 506146 09/19/14 02:25PM09/19/14 02:25PM
Job Accommodation Network: Assistive Technology Resources and Information 33285 03/05/14 02:59PM03/05/14 02:59PM
Job Search Help for Ex-Offenders at CareerOneStop 539136 09/05/14 09:57AM09/05/14 09:56AM
Just Say Hi Video Collection Cerebral Palsy Foundation 24642 12/09/15 04:34PM12/09/15 04:34PM
Kessler Foundation Grants $450,000 to Ability Beyond for PepsiCo Disability Employment Initiative 35557 03/11/14 04:56PM03/11/14 04:51PM
LA Times Article: Unfit For Trial, Many With Special Needs Stuck Behind Bars 30862 04/15/15 02:53PM04/15/15 02:46PM
LEAD Center Policy Update on Employment, Health Care and Disability Issued on March 26, 2014 30867 03/26/14 03:57PM03/26/14 03:50PM
LEAD Center Releases Employment First Information Brief: Perspective of Employers on Customized Employment 16536 01/22/16 10:58AM01/22/16 10:58AM
LEAD Center’s Policy Update – Employment, Health Care and Disability 355103 07/13/15 02:13PM07/13/15 02:13PM
Learning Disabilities - How Assistive Technology Can Help Students and Adults 380100 02/10/14 10:06AM02/10/14 09:37AM
Less-Educated Workers' Unstable Employment: Can the Safety Net Help?, March 2014 461148 05/15/14 09:33AM05/15/14 09:33AM
Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) Resource Collection 334118 05/16/11 11:18PM05/14/11 12:10PM
Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and America's Families 32571 01/10/14 03:22PM01/10/14 02:41PM
Local Strategies for Youth Employment Learning from Practice. Download Now 354266 10/29/13 10:46AM10/29/13 10:45AM
Long Term Services and Supports – Technical Assistance to Help States Comply With New Home and Community-Based Setting Rules 22947 03/26/14 03:41PM03/26/14 03:38PM
Map: Wagner-Peyser Employment Services Percentage of People with Disabilities, 2002-2009 Download Now 381267 04/24/11 06:10PM04/22/11 10:16AM
Mathematica issued a brief, "Lessons for Programs Serving Transition-Age Youth: A Comparative Analysis." Download Now 398248 05/16/13 02:54PM05/16/13 02:54PM
Mathematica issued an information brief entitled,"Ticket to Work Participants: Then and Now." Download Now 401458 05/16/13 02:07PM05/16/13 02:06PM
Mathematica issued, "Economic Viability of Employment Networks Under Ticket to Work." Download Now 352204 09/27/13 03:12PM09/27/13 03:12PM
Mathematica issued, "Impacts of Regulatory Changes and Recession on Ticket to Work" Download Now 335253 09/27/13 03:01PM09/27/13 03:00PM
Mathematica Policy Research 7th Evaluation Report for Ticket to Work 29396 09/18/13 02:51PM09/18/13 02:48PM
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. Paper: "The Earnings Consequences of the Americans with Disabilities Act on People with Disabilities." Download Now 1103559 12/13/13 01:21PM12/13/13 01:21PM
Mathematica Releases Final Report on DMIE Mathematica Policy Research" Final Report on the Demonstration to Maintain Independence and Employment (DMIE). 623146 08/15/11 03:00PM08/15/11 01:57PM
Mathematica's Center for Disability Policy conducted a presentation on, "The Affordable Care Act (ACA): What Are the Implications for the Employment of People with Disabilities." Download Now 363231 05/30/13 10:40AM05/30/13 10:40AM
Mathematica: "Catalog of Research: Programs for Low-Income Couples." Download Now 356296 06/20/13 11:51AM06/20/13 11:00AM
Mathematics issued an information brief entitled, "Ticket to Work Participants: Then and Now." May 2013) Download Now 457174 05/16/13 02:17PM05/16/13 02:17PM
May is Mental Health Awareness Month Download Now 445220 05/09/13 10:36AM05/09/13 10:36AM
May is Mental Health Awareness Month Download Now 446250 05/07/12 02:12PM05/07/12 02:12PM
MDRC Synthesis Report of Findings From Evaluation at Six Community Colleges: Download Now 410223 04/25/11 11:37AM04/09/11 12:31PM
MEAF Launches Initiative Empowering Youth and Veterans with Disabilities 431125 03/04/14 02:21PM03/04/14 02:21PM
Medicaid - Toolkit Available to Assist States As They Develop Plans to Comply With The New Home and Community-Based Settings Rule 369104 03/19/14 03:18PM03/19/14 03:18PM
Medicaid – New Resources Released by The National Council on Disabilities Download Now 389168 05/28/13 03:08PM05/28/13 03:07PM
Mental Health Issues in Mid-Life and Older Adulthood May be Substantially More Prevalent than Previously Reported 28184 01/14/14 12:07PM01/14/14 11:57AM
Mental Health Month: Accommodation Ideas for Mental Health Impairments 383107 05/15/15 10:44AM05/15/15 10:44AM
Mental Health Resource: A Practical Guide for People with Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Work 353106 05/08/14 09:51AM05/08/14 09:36AM
Money Smart for Small Business 688138 06/09/12 08:41AM06/09/12 08:41AM
MontgomeryWorks E-Learning Modules 1898388 02/23/11 02:59PM02/10/11 04:15PM
More Americans with Disabilities are Working for the Third Consecutive Month 649109 01/12/15 08:45AM01/12/15 08:44AM
Moving into Adulthood: Implementation Findings from the Youth Villages Transitional Living Evaluation 37690 07/11/14 09:26AM07/11/14 09:17AM
MPR Issue Brief: Increasing Employer Responsibility for Disability Benefits and SSDI Reform 32667 05/12/15 02:51PM05/12/15 02:50PM
MPR Report: Reasons for Job Separations Among People with Psychiatric Disabilities 380115 08/20/14 08:26AM08/20/14 08:26AM
MPR Report: Social Security Disability Benefits: Finding Alternatives to Benefit Receipt 40593 07/25/14 10:27AM07/25/14 10:27AM
MPR Report: The National Evaluation of the Money Follows the Person (MFP) Demonstration Grant Program 29164 06/01/15 10:13AM06/01/15 10:13AM
MPR Study: "Risk Factors Associated with Disability Following Work-Related Injuries." 27253 06/26/14 02:36PM06/26/14 02:13PM
My Free Taxes Testimonials 38978 01/21/15 01:54PM01/21/15 01:51PM
My Free Taxes Testimonials by American Job Centers and People with Disabilities 569132 05/06/14 03:32PM05/06/14 03:14PM
MYTH 8 30-Second Training Download Now 324181 04/18/12 04:37PM04/18/12 04:29PM
National Center for Mobility Management - Transportation Assistance for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities 37379 11/11/14 05:00PM11/11/14 04:50PM
National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) released its 2012 "Survey of States: Successes and Challenges During a Time of Change." Download Now 555213 11/08/13 01:54PM11/08/13 01:53PM
National Evaluation of the Technical Assistance & Dissemination Program under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Download Now 300162 12/02/13 01:57PM12/02/13 01:56PM
National Federation of the Blind Provides Information on AT Products and Services for People Who Are Blind or with Low Vision 4130 03/06/14 01:58PM03/06/14 01:55PM
National Governors Association Releases "A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities" Download Now 447187 08/06/13 04:06PM08/06/13 04:05PM
National Institute on Deafness and Communication 23585 03/14/14 04:40PM03/14/14 04:30PM
National Organization on Disability Shares Disability Employment Tracker 40465 02/23/16 09:52AM02/23/16 09:41AM
National Snapshot of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the Labor Force 73093 02/21/14 01:57PM02/21/14 01:57PM
National Telecommunications and Information Administration released a new report, "Exploring the Digital Nation: America’s Emerging Online Experience," co-authored with the Economics and Statistics Administration Download Now 430207 06/28/13 01:38PM06/28/13 01:36PM
NBER Working Paper on UI Exhaustion and DI Applications 36177 02/10/14 03:08PM02/10/14 02:57PM
NCD Letter of Support on Rhode Island DOJ Action 446116 02/05/14 03:33PM02/05/14 03:25PM
NCD Releases Report on Effective Communication for People with Disabilities Before, During, and After Emergencies Evaluated 28664 06/18/14 10:38AM06/02/14 01:53PM
NCEO Report: Assessment Results of Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners Download Now 305139 09/02/14 10:43AM09/02/14 10:41AM
NCWD-Youth: Individualized Learning Plans - How-to-Guide! 35443 01/15/16 10:16AM01/15/16 10:15AM
NDEAM: Resources to Celebrate "My Disability is One Part of Who I Am" Theme 41974 09/08/15 09:05AM09/08/15 09:04AM
NDI Issues Fact Sheet: ABLE Accounts - Ten Things You Must Know 628150 01/05/15 01:52PM01/05/15 01:44PM
NDI Jan. 29th Webinar: The Benefits of Partnering with the Disability Community" 32184 02/05/14 01:38PM02/05/14 01:27PM
NDI Webinar Recordings on Financial Health and Resources for Individuals with Disabilities 40280 01/26/15 09:53AM01/26/15 09:52AM
NDI Webinar: Getting the Most Out 21267 02/05/14 01:04PM02/05/14 01:04PM
NDNRC New Summary Fact Sheet #9: Streamlined Marketplace Application Process 30684 04/14/14 09:21AM04/14/14 09:21AM
NDNRC Releases New Fact Sheet: “Rehabilitation and Habilitation Services and Devices” 34173 03/12/14 01:53PM03/12/14 01:53PM
New assesment tools Download Now 436265 08/05/13 12:31PM08/02/13 02:08PM
New CAP Online Training: Accommodating Wounded Service Members 33995 06/26/14 10:37AM06/26/14 10:37AM
New Fact Sheets: “Getting and Using Health Plan Evidence of Coverage” &“Using Health Plan Customer Service” 30073 02/21/14 04:38PM02/20/14 02:25PM
New Medicaid Rules-Promoting Community-Based Services to Persons with Disabilities 36489 04/19/11 08:29AM04/16/11 12:32PM
New Online Tool: Connecting Veterans to Employers 38197 04/28/14 04:34PM04/28/14 04:34PM
New Online Training Video on Increasing Federal Government Hiring of People with Disabilities 587120 02/15/13 07:07PM02/15/13 07:07PM
New Research on Disability and Employment: Employer Practices RRTC Conference Highlights 3960 11/21/13 11:02AM11/13/13 04:15PM
New Research-Prison Education Reduces Recidivism, Saves Money, Improves Employment Download Now 343180 09/03/13 03:17PM09/03/13 03:15PM
New Resources on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Common Core State Standards 386132 12/19/13 09:47AM12/19/13 09:42AM
New Survey Reveals Impact of Disability Community on Political Landscape Download Now 423171 08/05/13 12:32PM07/30/13 01:07PM
New video – Simply Said: Introducing Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Transitioning Youth 502119 03/26/14 09:56AM03/26/14 09:56AM
New Video Series: Finding Your Path to Employment with Ticket to Work, presented in American Sign Language (ASL) 458126 04/17/15 03:35PM04/17/15 03:31PM
NextSTEP: National Service to Employment Project for People with Disabilities 560145 08/05/12 04:21PM08/05/12 04:21PM
NGA Releases Principles For Carl D. Perkins Reauthorization 22968 06/26/14 10:05AM06/25/14 10:49AM
NIDRR Video: Balancing Work and Benefits After Spinal Cord Injury 38982 07/16/14 01:04PM07/16/14 01:03PM
NIH-Commissioned Census Bureau Report Highlights Effect of Aging Boomers 19936 07/01/14 01:05PM07/01/14 01:00PM
Not All Disabilities Are Alike: Implementing a Rating System for SSDI 32679 07/27/15 09:30AM07/27/15 09:30AM
NPR: Why Disability And Poverty Still Go Hand In Hand 25 Years After Landmark Law 32966 07/24/15 11:29AM07/24/15 11:29AM
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Search Tool for Career Infomation 500120 05/01/14 09:19AM05/01/14 09:19AM
ODEP and LEAD Center Issue Employment First Technical Briefs 25748 01/04/16 02:38PM01/04/16 02:31PM
OFCCP Video: Disability Inclusion Starts with You! 1228273 10/22/15 11:53AM10/22/15 09:51AM
OFCCP Webinar Recording on Changes to Section 503 and SSA ENs 37083 08/18/14 11:08AM08/18/14 10:43AM
On November 20, 2013, the GAO issued a Report, GAO-14-16 on Federal Autism Activities: Better Data and More Coordination Needed..." Download Now 347229 11/21/13 11:27AM11/21/13 11:26AM
One-Stop Career Center - AJC Overview Download Now 655294 02/12/15 02:40PM02/12/15 02:40PM
One-Stop Ticket Success Project Recruitment 539135 12/07/12 04:10PM12/07/12 04:10PM
Online Service Locator for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assistance 348105 02/06/14 03:21PM02/06/14 03:14PM
Online Work Readiness Assessment (OWRA) Tool, 2013 Download Now 923308 03/31/13 04:48PM03/31/13 04:48PM
OUTCOMES-STATE MEDICAID INFRASTRUCTURE GRANTS (MIGs) Download Now 405182 08/07/13 01:01PM08/07/13 01:01PM
OVAE Connection Newsletter: President's 2013 Budget Request for Career, Technical and Adult Education Download Now 479228 02/20/12 03:27PM02/20/12 03:26PM
Partnership for Workplace Mental Health: Employer Resources 709125 06/18/12 09:06PM06/18/12 09:06PM
Partnership for Workplace Mental Health: Right Direction Resources and Information 318108 05/29/14 03:20PM05/29/14 03:00PM
Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) 30951 12/02/15 02:47PM11/30/15 04:47PM
People with Disabilities and Disabled Veterans: Making Work Happen Online Toolkits 520150 05/12/14 02:41PM05/12/14 02:30PM
PODCAST: The Workforce Connection Initiative: A DOL/SSA Partnership Download Now 2189380 01/17/12 01:48PM01/17/12 12:44PM
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Month-Resources Download Now 522249 06/08/12 02:25PM06/08/12 01:18PM
Procedures for Requesting an Accommodation When Taking the GED Test 475108 02/18/14 03:05PM02/18/14 03:04PM
Profiles and Promising Practices in Higher Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) Download Now 345347 06/06/13 09:03AM06/06/13 09:02AM
PROJECT WIN-WIN - Increasing College Completion Rates 4080 01/09/14 10:16AM01/09/14 10:13AM
Promise for the Future: How Federal Programs Can Improve Career Outcomes for Youth & Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions Download Now 401154 08/26/13 02:13PM08/26/13 02:13PM
Promise for the Future: How Federal Programs Can Improve Career Outcomes for Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions 40198 12/16/13 03:07PM12/16/13 02:44PM
Promising College Readiness Programs Download Now 437219 04/26/13 01:10PM04/26/13 01:09PM
Promising Practices -- Connecting with the Business Sector on the Advantages of a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce Download Now 416270 06/20/11 01:51PM06/20/11 01:51PM
Promoting Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income (PROMISE) 744127 08/17/12 03:19PM08/17/12 03:19PM
Promoting Workforce Strategies for Reintegrating Ex-Offenders" Download Now 843240 04/15/12 03:53PM04/15/12 03:06PM
Public Benefits and Work Supports -- Accessing Available Work Supports with Ticket to Work 22246 10/27/15 03:55PM10/27/15 03:55PM
Real People, Real Jobs Website Features Success Stories of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 622112 12/20/13 10:09AM12/20/13 09:58AM
Recorded Webinar: Making the Connection: The Case for Employing People with Disabilities 2043408 06/30/11 01:29PM07/01/11 07:25AM
Regional ADA Centers and Access to America's Job Centers - Webinar Recording 36598 04/24/14 10:02AM04/24/14 09:53AM
Report – Ready and Able: Addressing Labor Market Needs and Building Productive Careers for People with Disabilities Through Collaborative Approaches Download Now 2346581 06/30/11 01:27PM07/01/11 08:53AM
Report Analyzes Potential Impact of ACA on Funding Health-Related VR Services Download Now 456161 03/10/13 05:13PM03/10/13 05:08PM
Report by NRC: "Transportation for America's Veterans and Their Families" Download Now 483226 11/15/11 09:50AM11/15/11 09:50AM
Report Examines Employer-Led Initiatives Download Now 284482 06/03/13 02:42PM06/03/13 02:42PM
Report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, "Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century." Download Now 623226 09/05/11 04:02PM09/05/11 04:02PM
Report on Access to Diplomas for Students with Disabilities 3980 12/19/13 09:58AM12/19/13 09:52AM
Report Presents Findings of DB101 Process Evaluation Download Now 899718 02/05/13 09:03AM02/05/13 09:02AM
Report,"Funding Health-Related VR Services: The Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Use of Private Health Insurance and Medicaid to Pay for Health-Related VR Services Download Now 500167 03/10/13 05:19PM03/10/13 05:19PM
Report: "How Much of the Growth in Disability Insurance Stems from Demographic Changes? 423106 01/28/14 11:19AM01/28/14 11:06AM
Report: Employer Incentives for Hiring Individuals with Disabilities (SHRM/UTSA/WSU/CPRF) Download Now 23124962 06/27/11 03:21PM07/01/11 09:15AM
Report: Empowering Low Income and Economically Vulnerable Consumers 20050 03/14/14 12:10PM03/14/14 12:01PM
Research Examines Predictors of Integrated Employment for Youth with Developmental Disabilities Download Now 652272 10/14/12 11:45AM10/14/12 11:45AM
Resource Guides on Mental Health and Wellbeing for College Students: Achieving and Maintaining Emotional Health During the College Years 801198 12/11/15 11:31AM12/11/15 11:31AM
Resource Highlight: Supported Employment for Justice-Involved People with Mental Illness 356138 03/19/14 03:33PM03/19/14 03:25PM
Resources for Compliance with New Section 503 Regulations and VEVRAA 455113 02/06/14 12:17PM02/06/14 11:57AM
Results from the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Mental Health Findings and Detailed Tables 32673 02/17/14 02:28PM02/17/14 02:28PM
Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan: Assessment of Readjustment Needs of Veterans Download Now 457260 04/12/13 10:21AM04/12/13 10:21AM
Risk and Respect - What to Know About Disclosing Mental Illness at Work 37396 05/12/15 03:47PM05/12/15 03:47PM
Roadmap to Success (R2S) and Using Bestwork Assessment Tool - West Palm Beach, Florida, Download Now 530278 04/29/14 11:24AM04/29/14 11:23AM
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Report on Young Adults Who Comprise 52% of Persons Newly Eligible for Medicaid Download Now 361172 11/21/13 12:44PM11/21/13 12:42PM
Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children Download Now 589194 10/14/12 11:58AM10/14/12 11:58AM
RSA Issues Guidance on VR Reorganization Download Now 436162 08/07/13 01:03PM08/06/13 04:33PM
SAMHSA Highlights "Engaging People in Mental Health Treatment and Recovery": 25358 05/15/14 09:23AM05/15/14 09:22AM
SAMHSA Releases Behavioral Health, U.S., 2012 Report 438117 12/04/13 09:40AM12/03/13 04:31PM
SAMHSA: New Spanish Language Mental Health Resources Now Available 26049 06/26/14 10:30AM06/26/14 10:25AM
Senator Harkin's Report, "High Expectations: Transforming the American Workforce as the ADA Generation Comes of Age" Download Now 591176 09/30/13 05:56PM09/30/13 05:53PM
Services and Supports People with Disabilities Need to Stay Employed Download Now 439463 08/08/13 07:19PM08/08/13 07:16PM
Serving Jobseekers with Disabilities in the One-Stop Career Centers 587165 04/30/12 03:19PM04/30/12 03:19PM
Serving Veterans – Online Training for Frontline AJC Staff 417100 07/10/14 10:29AM07/10/14 10:29AM
Shifts in Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Trends for Customers With and Without Intellectual Disabilities." Download Now 330306 11/13/13 04:58PM11/13/13 04:58PM
Skills to Pay the Bills: Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success" Download Now 746354 02/20/12 04:20PM02/20/12 04:18PM
Small Business Administration: People with Disabilities Website 34085 06/01/15 02:04PM06/01/15 10:43AM
SMSHA Report: More than One Tthird of Adults with Depression Did Not Talk to a Professional 27260 02/24/14 09:25AM02/24/14 09:25AM
SMSHA Webinar:The Role of Peer Providers in Integrated Health 24943 03/14/14 01:37PM03/14/14 01:37PM
Social Security Disability: Participation in the Ticket to Work Program Has Increased, but More Oversight Need Download Now 469283 09/27/11 04:33AM09/27/11 04:33AM
South Dakota DEI Video on Disclosing a Disability 518141 07/03/14 11:30AM07/03/14 11:21AM
SSA - National Social Security Week and Social Security Account 25644 08/26/14 01:35PM08/26/14 01:27PM
SSA - Summer Youth Employment and Student Earned Income Exclusion 20338 06/18/14 10:36AM06/18/14 10:36AM
SSA Disability Payment Amounts at a Glance Download Now 537216 01/21/15 01:35PM01/21/15 01:35PM
SSA Video: From Disability Benefits to Benefits Counseling - Michele Boardman's Success Story 1060117 08/28/15 02:46PM08/28/15 02:46PM
SSA's Red Book - 2014 SSDI and SSI Monthly Benefits and SGA Levels 55489 04/07/14 01:26PM04/07/14 11:00AM
SSI Annual Statistical Report, 2012 Download Now 569274 07/12/13 03:32PM07/12/13 03:31PM
State Data: The National Report on Employment Services and Outcomes, 2014 21237 10/19/15 03:54PM10/19/15 03:54PM
State Differences in the Vocational Rehabilitation Experiences of Transition-Age Youth with Disabilities" Download Now 424230 08/26/13 01:57PM08/26/13 01:57PM
State Fact Sheets: The Earned Income and Child Tax Credits 403110 03/05/14 11:01AM03/05/14 11:01AM
State of the Science Meeting: Improving Employment Outcomes for Individuals who are Blind or Visually Impaired 28178 03/19/14 03:42PM03/19/14 03:38PM
State Policy Options for Employing People with Disabilities - NCSL Brief 440106 04/17/15 03:50PM04/17/15 03:50PM
States as Model Employers of people with Disabilities: A Comprehensive Review of Policies, Practices, and Strategies 41278 01/15/14 10:23AM01/15/14 10:12AM
States as Model Employers of People with Disabilities: A Comprehensive Review of Policies, Practices, and Strategies. 29480 08/11/14 09:23AM08/11/14 09:19AM
Strategically Recruiting People with Autism 412121 04/18/14 04:20PM04/18/14 04:09PM
Study Examines Human Resource Practices Related to Hiring People with Disabilities 668155 07/13/12 05:16PM07/07/12 07:30PM
Study: Workers with Disabilities Paid 10% Less 4130 11/27/13 10:24AM11/25/13 04:34PM
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration-New Report Provides State-by-State Analysis of Prevalence of Mental Illness Download Now 362247 10/18/11 10:56AM10/18/11 10:56AM
Success Story: Iowa Workforce Center Getting People with Disabilities, Linking to SSA's Ticket to Work Program 1000445 09/05/12 04:02PM08/16/12 03:28PM
Summary Evidence on Adult and Youth Job Training Strategies and Programs 32770 07/28/14 01:33PM07/28/14 01:29PM
Survey of employment of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries Download Now 398198 04/12/13 09:40AM04/12/13 09:40AM
Sustainability Toolkit 892329 08/02/11 11:29PM08/02/11 11:29PM
Tax Payer Opportunity Network: A Resource for Free Tax Preparation Providers 811193 01/26/15 10:25AM01/26/15 10:25AM
TEGL 08-15: Second Title 1 WIOA Youth Program Transition Guidance 25552 11/20/15 10:29AM11/20/15 10:28AM
TEGL No. 11-09, Change 2 - Clarification of Expanded Participant Eligibility for the YouthBuild Program 54287 01/24/14 01:11PM01/24/14 12:55PM
TEGL NO. 13-12, ETA-9130 Quarterly US DOL ETA Financial Reporting Instructions Download Now 790199 02/28/13 04:46PM02/28/13 04:45PM
Temporary Assistance For Needy Families: Potential Options to Improve Performance and Oversight, GAO Download Now 476179 05/16/13 02:44PM05/16/13 02:44PM
TEN 13-12, "Defining a Quality Pre-Apprenticeship Program and Related Tools and Resources. Download Now 710175 01/14/13 04:05PM01/14/13 04:04PM
TEN 14-13 Promoting the Use of the Federal Bonding Program as a Valuable Job Placement Tool When Assisting At-Risk Job Seekers 33371 12/16/13 02:03PM12/16/13 02:03PM
TEN 21-11 - Strategies to Meet One-Stop Career Centers' Business and Job Seeker Customer Needs for Employment-Related Transportation Services 470128 11/17/14 09:42AM11/17/14 09:41AM
TEN 31-13 - Release and Availability of the Final Report Titled Evaluation of the STEM Initiative 31366 05/28/14 03:01PM05/28/14 02:54PM
TEN 32-12, Alerting State and Local Workforce Investment Boards about a new survey being conducted on services to youth with disabilties in the public workforce system. Download Now 441132 05/02/13 03:52PM05/02/13 03:51PM
TEN 5-12, Online Career Tools Updates and Virtual Demonstrations Download Now 606248 09/11/12 05:59PM09/11/12 05:40PM
TEN NO 6-11, "Increasing the Public Workforce Development System's Participation in the Ticket to Work (TTW) Program for Disability Beneficiaries 433166 08/24/11 05:17PM08/24/11 04:37PM
TEN No. 16-11, "Availability of Assistive Technology (AT) Resources for Persons with Disabilities" Download Now 642221 11/15/11 09:11PM11/15/11 09:11PM
TEN No. 38-11, "Benefits of Collaborating Between State/Local Workforce Investment Boards and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program)." Download Now 701214 05/06/12 04:06PM05/06/12 04:06PM
Ten Things You May Not Know About the ADA 357101 07/18/14 10:40AM07/18/14 10:40AM
The 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, SAMHSA Download Now 507229 01/24/12 04:27PM01/24/12 04:24PM
The AARP issued a report which highlights the need to design for certain pedestrian popualtions with mobility needs-young children, older adults, and people with disabilities Download Now 412179 07/30/13 12:40PM07/30/13 12:38PM
The ADA and Accessibility to Americas Job Centers 40399 04/01/14 03:22PM04/01/14 03:22PM
The Administration for Children and Families' (ACF) Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation recently released a review of evidence on job search assistance programs Download Now 515300 04/09/13 07:31PM04/09/13 07:31PM
The Adult Career Pathways Training and Support Center Brief, "Engaging Employers to Support Adult Career Pathway Programs." Download Now 507165 06/12/13 04:23PM06/12/13 04:22PM
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) National Network Launches New Website 34584 02/13/14 12:27PM02/13/14 12:19PM
The Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services has announced the publication of the Final Long-Range Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2013-2017 (Plan) for the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Services (NIDRR). Download Now 420158 04/09/13 07:18PM04/09/13 07:18PM
The Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities 545167 06/23/11 09:31AM07/01/11 09:20AM
The Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success, issued "Funding Career Pathways and Career Pathway Bridges: A Federal Funding Guide Toolkit for States. Download Now 448142 09/30/13 01:38PM09/30/13 01:38PM
The Changing Role of Disabled Children Benefits." Download Now 303140 09/10/13 02:22PM09/10/13 02:21PM
The Current Services Baseline: A Tool for Understanding Budget ChoicesThe Current Services Baseline Download Now 450218 10/30/11 08:23AM10/30/11 08:23AM
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have jointly released new guidance on design and construction requirements under the Fair Housing Act Download Now 366256 05/09/13 09:31AM05/09/13 09:30AM
The Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service has published a final rule to establish the uniform national threshold entered employment rate (UNTEER) for veterans Download Now 402162 04/19/13 04:07PM04/19/13 04:02PM
The Employment and Training Administration's Training and Employment Notice No. 14-12," Receiving Ticket to Work Payments as an Employment Network," December 4, 2012 Download Now 1538368 12/04/12 07:42PM12/04/12 07:42PM
The Great Recession and Serving Dislocated Workers with Disabilities: Perspectives from One-Stop Career Centers and Rapid Response Coordinators Download Now 460249 11/11/11 02:56PM11/11/11 02:53PM
The Heldrich Center issued a Report, "College Students with Disabilities: What Factors Influence Successful Degree Completion? A Case Study," September, 2012. Download Now 671249 10/02/12 03:38PM10/02/12 03:38PM
The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI), Data Note #45, 2013, "State Trends in the Vocational Rehabilitation Engagement of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: 2002-2011." Download Now 344144 06/11/13 05:21PM06/11/13 05:21PM
The International Labor Organization, AIDS (ILOAIDS) just issued a new Report, "The Impact of Employment on HIV Treatment Adherence." Download Now 322182 12/02/13 10:28AM12/02/13 10:25AM
The Intersection of Welfare and Disability: Early Findings from the TANF/SSI Disability Transition Project Download Now 286133 07/30/13 10:24AM07/30/13 10:23AM
The Intersection of Welfare and Disability: Early Findings from the TANF/SSI Disability Transition Project, May 2013 Download Now 440189 06/20/13 05:02PM06/20/13 05:02PM
The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) and America's Job Centers - Webinar Recording 369101 04/22/14 01:49PM04/22/14 12:52PM
The Mentoring Effect: Young People's Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring 389138 01/30/14 02:44PM01/30/14 02:38PM
The National Bureau of Economic Research: "Disability, Earnings, Income and Consumption" Download Now 463161 04/19/13 04:21PM04/19/13 04:21PM
The National Council on Disability (NCD) Report, "Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children." Download Now 559131 02/15/13 07:52PM02/15/13 07:51PM
The National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse Services Directory 29868 07/01/14 08:45AM07/01/14 08:42AM
The NET: Providing National Connections to Employers for Hiring Persons with Disabilities 603170 08/19/12 09:29AM08/19/12 09:28AM
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), " Report on the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities in the Federal Executive Branch," covering employment in fiscal year 2011. Download Now 761192 09/11/12 03:59PM09/11/12 03:59PM
The Role of Public Transportation as a Job Access Mode: Lessons from a Survey of Persons with Disabilities in New Jersey by Andrea Lubin and Devajyoti Deka, Ph.D. Download Now 747413 03/10/12 12:16PM03/10/12 12:16PM
The Social Security Administration's (SSA) New Workforce Investment Act Employment Network (EN) Payment Agreement," under its Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency (TTW) Program. Download Now 965280 09/28/12 03:51PM09/28/12 02:52PM
The State Role in the Public Workforce Development System: Evidence from a Survey on the Use of Wagner-Peyser Funding 29297 01/14/14 01:12PM01/14/14 01:01PM
The Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC), just issued a publication, entitled "Priced Out in 2012." Download Now 376178 05/28/13 03:17PM05/28/13 03:17PM
The Urban Institute released a brief, entitled "Becoming Adults: Do Youth in Foster Care Accurately Assess Their Preparation for Work" Download Now 250118 05/24/13 03:48PM05/24/13 03:47PM
The What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) has just released new reports on Literacy and Children and Youth with Disabilities Programs Download Now 584186 02/05/13 09:11AM02/05/13 09:11AM
The Workforce Connection Initiative: SSA and DOL Partnership in Action 694292 11/02/11 12:24PM11/02/11 10:28AM
The Youth Transition Demonstration: Lifting Employment Barriers for Youth with Disabilities, MPR Brief Download Now 629157 03/31/13 04:43PM03/31/13 04:43PM
Think College Brief, "Postsecondary Education and Employment Outcomes for Transition-age Youth with and Without Disabilities Download Now 613271 01/18/13 06:02PM01/18/13 05:56PM
Think College Brief, "Postsecondary Education and Employment Outcomes for Transition-age Youth with and Without Disability Download Now 322285 01/18/13 05:57PM01/18/13 05:57PM
Three DEI Examples of Integrated Services in AJCs for People with Disabilities Download Now 493282 04/29/14 01:51PM04/28/14 04:17PM
Ticket Success Project: "Case Studies of Three Workforce Employment Networks (ENs)" Download Now 396211 10/18/13 10:45AM10/18/13 10:44AM
Ticket Success Recruitment Webinar – November 14 – 3:00 PM Eastern Download Now 673178 11/09/12 03:28PM11/09/12 03:28PM
Ticket Talk #16 Podcast: Three Resources That Can Help You Obtain Job Accommodations Social Security Administration 892127 11/06/15 04:11PM06/18/15 10:29AM
Ticket to Work Resource Guide: For Workforce Employment Networks Download Now 667452 12/10/14 03:49PM12/10/14 03:42PM
Ticket to Work: Locate a Service Provider 5620 12/11/13 04:46PM12/11/13 04:10PM
Training & Employment Notice (TEN) No. 10-13-Announcement of a Short-Term Compensation T.A. Web Site Download Now 254142 11/21/13 10:59AM11/21/13 10:59AM
Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 31-11, "Update on Complying with Nondiscrimination Provisions: Criminal Record Restrictions and Disparate Impact Based on Race and National Origin." Download Now 737278 08/05/12 12:47PM08/05/12 12:24PM
Training and Employment Notice (TEN) No. 46-11, Announcement of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Program Reference Tool Download Now 727218 05/19/12 03:15PM05/19/12 03:13PM
Training and Employment Notice 31-12, "Release and Availability of ETA's "First Step: A Youth Practitioner's Resource Guide to Supportive Services." Download Now 515147 04/12/13 12:27PM04/12/13 12:25PM
Training Video on Assistive Technology and Accommodations for People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 40393 03/10/14 03:37PM03/10/14 03:26PM
Training Video on Assistive Technology for People Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision 419122 03/10/14 03:44PM03/03/14 01:22PM
Transitional Jobs Reentry Demonstration (TJRD), Returning to Work After Prison, May 2012, MDRC Report Download Now 775246 06/08/12 01:31PM06/08/12 01:31PM
Transportation Resources for Veterans 34583 01/08/14 03:27PM01/08/14 01:55PM
Trapped in Unemployment - 60 Minutes and the Bridgeport Workforce System 37786 10/14/14 03:07PM10/14/14 02:58PM
Trauma-Informed Care for Women Veterans Experiencing Homelessness: A Guide for Service Providers Download Now 493191 09/10/13 02:46PM09/10/13 02:45PM
Trends in the Composition and Outcomes of Young Social Security Disability Awardees Download Now 342150 08/08/13 07:18PM08/08/13 07:00PM
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued, "A Guide to Interacting with People Who Have Disabilities. Download Now 549265 09/27/13 02:43PM09/27/13 02:41PM
U.S. Department of Labor Funds Round 2 Disability Employment Initiative Projects Download Now 480189 09/30/11 09:26AM09/30/11 09:26AM
U.S. Department of Labor Monthly Data Series on Employment Status of People with a Disability—August 328113 10/07/11 06:59AM10/07/11 06:59AM
U.S. Interagency Counsel on Homelessness - Community and Federal Partnerships Are Driving Progress Toward Ending Homelessness 36892 07/08/14 12:43PM07/08/14 12:42PM
U.S. Office of the Comptroller: Financial Literacy Resource Directory 18454 05/30/14 02:01PM05/30/14 02:01PM
United States Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy: The Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities 381136 06/23/11 08:42AM07/01/11 07:43AM
United States Interagency Council on Homelessness - Resources and Assistance 20862 04/17/14 10:55AM04/17/14 10:46AM
United We Ride - Improving Access to Transportation Services for People with Disabilities 47088 11/21/14 04:44PM11/21/14 04:44PM
Urban Institute Guide: Transforming Performance Measurement for the 21st Century 311101 08/20/14 12:44PM08/20/14 12:36PM
Urban Institute Report, "27 Weeks and Counting" Download Now 512164 09/16/13 12:54PM09/16/13 12:45PM
Urban Institute Report, "Stemming the Tide: Strategies to Reduce the Growth and Cut the Cost of the Federal Prison System" Download Now 325120 11/07/13 03:21PM11/07/13 03:19PM
Urban Institute, Fact Sheet: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Counters High Unemployment, July 2011 Download Now 428184 09/05/11 02:12PM09/05/11 02:12PM
Urban Partnerships for Welfare Reform Initiative Online Toolkit 36574 07/10/14 10:19AM07/10/14 10:19AM
US DOL/ETA awarded $72 million in Grants for Youth Build Download Now 310146 06/28/13 12:29PM06/28/13 12:26PM
Using Braided Funding Strategies to Advance Employer Hiring Initiatives that Include People with Disabilities, Download Now 799254 03/10/12 12:41PM03/10/12 12:41PM
Using CAP Resources to Plan for National Disability Employment Awareness Month 457107 09/10/14 09:25AM09/10/14 09:14AM
Using Medicaid Funding to Support the Employment of People with Disabilities: A Federal Framework. Download Now 710251 03/10/12 12:33PM03/10/12 12:33PM
VA Report: Program for Homeless Veterans and Families Served More than 100,000 23994 06/24/14 03:44PM06/24/14 03:44PM
VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program: Improved Oversight of Independent Living Services and Supports Is Needed," GAO-13-474, June 7, 2013 Download Now 551628 06/11/13 06:32PM06/11/13 06:31PM
Video on Assistive Software Available for Individuals with Cognittive Disabilities, Including Traumatic Brain Injury 505110 01/17/14 01:17PM01/17/14 12:50PM
Video Phones 15335 03/27/14 03:33PM03/27/14 03:33PM
Video: At Your Service - Exemplary Customer Service to Individuals with Disabilities 811123 12/15/15 03:38PM08/24/15 03:00PM
Vocational Rehabilitation Closure Trends for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: A Snapshot of Five U.S. Territories 23475 02/11/14 11:32AM02/11/14 11:19AM
VR Outcome Trends for VR Customers With and Without Intellectual Disabilities 4120 11/27/13 09:46AM11/26/13 04:58PM
Washington State DEI Grantee: WA HireAbility Employer Toolkit Promoting Hiring of People with Disabiltiies 645137 02/24/14 12:45PM02/21/14 09:59AM
Webcast Archive: Job Accommodation Network Series 37675 05/15/15 10:32AM05/15/15 10:32AM
Webcast: Learn about the Rules' Significance and the Strides some Federal Contractors are Already Taking to Hiring Veterans with Disabilities 21745 03/20/14 09:05AM03/20/14 08:53AM
Webcourse for Workforce Professionals: "At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities 33492 04/07/14 01:44PM04/07/14 01:42PM
Webinar Announcement: Dual Enrollment: The Role of Policy in Promoting Quality Pathways to Postsecondary Success 22149 02/07/14 04:16PM02/07/14 03:48PM
Webinar Archive: American Dream Employment Network - An Innovative Program Making a Real Economic Impact 22948 11/20/15 11:38AM11/20/15 11:36AM
Webinar Archive: Leading Corporate Voices on the Value of Disability Inclusion 30384 08/10/15 10:24AM08/10/15 10:24AM
Webinar Archive: Social Security Disability Benefits: Making an Informed Decision About Work 25239 01/05/16 09:30AM01/05/16 09:17AM
Webinar Offering: A Brief Overview of Unified English Braille 23843 01/08/14 04:01PM01/08/14 01:23PM
Webinar Recording: Expanding Communication Access in the Workforce System for Customers who are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing 361101 03/10/14 03:14PM03/10/14 02:58PM
Webinar Recording: Jobs for Veterans State Grants (JVSG) Refocusing Webinar for Front-Line American Job Center Staff 439129 05/15/14 11:26AM05/15/14 11:20AM
Webinar Recording:"Joining the Economic Mainstream - A National Roundtable Discussion on Disability & Poverty" 29163 06/24/14 09:34AM06/24/14 09:34AM
Webinar, "Understanding the New Department of Labor Civil Rights Guidelines Governing Criminal Background Checks and Federally-Funded Workforce Development Programs" Download Now 637356 08/05/12 12:49PM08/05/12 12:46PM
Webinar: Ticket to Work Basics and Employment Network Application Review 439129 12/03/13 11:23AM12/03/13 11:13AM
Webinar: An Overview of Social Security Programs and Services Important to Tribal Communities 366100 04/30/14 10:16AM04/29/14 04:54PM
Webinar: Education and Employment for People with Disabilities 26187 05/16/14 01:27PM05/16/14 01:27PM
Webinar: Helping At-Risk Students Develop Literacy Skills 26081 02/20/14 09:45AM02/20/14 09:41AM
Webinar: Implications of State-Wide Job Losses on Child Well-Being 489150 02/25/14 02:29PM02/25/14 02:21PM
Webinar: Opening the Doors of Small Business to People with Disabilities: Moving Up the Ramp 27376 04/07/14 09:20AM04/07/14 09:20AM
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