Front Line Staff Training

It is important for One-Stop Career Centers to provide universally accessible, welcoming, and customer-friendly environments for the delivery of employment services.  Not only must buildings, services, programs, and activities be accessible (programmatically and physically), but One-Stop Career Center and partner staff need to be trained on disability and employment issues to build system capacity to better serve customers with disabilities, and other challenges to employment.

This section provides resources to help educate and train:  One-Stop Career Center and partner staff on working with job seekers with disabilities; and community-based agencies/organizations on working with job seekers with disabilities and the One-Stop Career Center system.

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"Moving TANF Recipients with Disabilities to Work: Examples of State Strategies" Download Now 910646 11/15/11 09:42AM11/11/11 04:59PM
High Quality Customer Service for One-Stop Career Centers Download Now 8692232 01/23/11 01:30PM01/23/11 01:30PM
JAN FACT SHeet: Reasonable Accommodation Process-The Interactive Process Fact Sheet Download Now 872643 02/27/11 09:07AM02/27/11 09:06AM
Serving People with Psychiatric Disabilities in Centers for Independent Living Download Now 736600 02/05/11 06:14PM02/05/11 06:14PM