Report on Taxpayers with Disabilities

Posted by randee chafkin - On February 05, 2011 (EST)

Report Looks at Taxpayers with Disabilities

In a report prepared for the IRS Stakeholder Partnerships, Education and Communication (SPEC) effort, Wage and Investment Research and Analysis profiled taxpayers with disabilities using results from the 2009 Benchmark Survey. This report provides an update of the 2007 Disability Report and aims to assist SPEC and its partners to better understand the characteristics and services used by taxpayers with disabilities and to identify possible outreach strategies. The analysis was limited to working-age taxpayers, and includes the following findings:

? Taxpayers with disabilities were more likely to be unemployed and/or on disability. Approximately 46 percent of taxpayers with disabilities reported being unemployed and/or on disability compared to 13 percent of taxpayers without disabilities.
? Respondents with disabilities are low income taxpayers. Over half of respondents with disabilities had an adjusted gross income of less than $20,000.
? On average, taxpayers with disabilities received $800 less Earned Income Tax Credit when compared to taxpayers without disabilities.
? Awareness and use of free tax preparation services/resources among respondents with disabilities was low. Approximately 36 percent of respondents with disabilities were aware of volunteer tax preparation clinics; however, only six percent reported using these services.
? Taxpayers with disabilities identified tax preparation companies as the potentially most important resource/service used in completing their tax return.

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