Ticket to Work Resource Guide: For Workforce Employment Networks

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On December 10, 2014 (EST)

This resource guide was developed by the National Disability Institute under its contract with the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) to provide technical assistance to Disability Employment Initiative and the workforce system at-large. It provides Workforce Employment Networks with the following information:

-- Ticket to Work basics -- The Basics of Social Security Benefits
-- First Step in EN Operations: EN Suitability
-- Enrolling in the eProcesses- a Must!
-- Service Delivery Flow Charts
-- Understanding the Three Key EN Operational Tasks: 1)Ticket Holder Identification - Marketing and Outreach; 2) Ticket Assignment - Creating the Employment Plan; 3) EN Payments - ePay, the Simplified Approach to EN Payments
-- Additional Resources

Please note: this Guide is a fluid document and will be updated as needed. To access a PDF version of the Guide, please click on Download Now.

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