State Fact Sheets: The Earned Income and Child Tax Credits

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On March 05, 2014 (EST)

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for low- and moderate-income workers encourages and rewards work, offsets federal payroll and income taxes, and raises living standards. The Child Tax Credit (CTC) also helps low-income working families by offsetting part of the cost of child rearing. Next to Social Security, the EITC combined with the refundable portion of the CTC constitutes the nation's most powerful anti-poverty program. These fact sheets provide state-by-state data on how the EITC and CTC reduce poverty, who benefits, how state EITCs can supplement the federal credit, and who benefits from two proposals to strengthen the credits, including an expansion of the EITC for childless workers.

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