Workforce Investment Act: Strategies Needed to Improve Certain Training Outcome Data. GAO-14-137

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On March 07, 2014 (EST)

GAO Report 14-137: "Workforce Investment Act: Strategies Needed to Improve Certain Training Outcome Data" was issued on March 5, 2014. GAO found that of the more than two million total participants in the Workforce Investment Act’s (WIA) Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs, about 11 percent and 16 percent, respectively, received training in program year 2011, and about two-thirds of the training participants in each program attained a credential. Little is known, however, about how many participants got jobs related to their training. From program year 2006 through program year 2011, the percentages of training participants who earned a credential declined from about 74 percent to 58 percent for the Adult Program and from about 75 percent to 63 percent for the Dislocated Worker Program, according to data from the Department of Labor (DOL). Of those training participants who attained a credential in program year 2011, about 65 percent earned occupational credentials, such as a welding certificate, followed by lower percentages who earned occupational skill licenses and associate’s degrees, among others. In contrast, GAO found training-related employment data unreliable primarily because a significant portion of the data was missing.

Highlights of GAO Report 14-137 is available at:

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