Legacy Disability Training: Understanding Disability

Posted by Laura Gleneck - On August 06, 2014 (EST)

A primary goal of One-Stop Centers is to assist customers in finding jobs and advancing their careers. The Workforce Investment Act established the core concept of "universal access," meaning One-Stop services must be readily accessible to a wide range of customers, including persons with disabilities. The high unemployment rate for persons with disabilities is the highest of any segment of the population. Approximately 1 in 7 people in the United States have some type of disability, representing a significant portion of potential One-Stop customers.

One-Stop employees who are not disability specialists cannot be expected to be knowledgeable on every aspect of helping people with disabilities find employment. However, through a combination of good basic customer service practices, core knowledge of disability issues, and information on where to find additional resources, One-Stop employees can play a significant role in helping people with disabilities meet their career goals. This course was designed specifically to equip you, the workforce development professional, with those skills and resources.

The information in this training is broken out by "Chapters" each discussing different categories of disabilities. The information was compiled from reliable sources and reviewed by experienced disability specialists representing diverse government and private sector organizations. It is not intended to address every issue related to the cause and effect of disabilities. The purpose of this introductory course is to provide you with a practical learning experience, as your first step toward acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality workforce development services to persons with disabilities.

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