30 Second Trainings: Employment Basics for Business and Employing People with Disabilities

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On September 12, 2014 (EST)

These 30 Second Trainings provide information on employment basics that assist business on their requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act. These include separate trainings on:

I’ve hired a person with a disability. Now what? (Overview of legal requirements and practical strategies?
Under the ADA, can I discipline or fire an employee with a disability?
What are some ways I can accommodate ALL my employees?
What is a reasonable accommodation?
What should I do when my employee asks me for an accommodation?
What tax incentives are available for employers who hire people with disabilities?
To access any of these 30 Second Trainings, please click on View Page Now or go to: https://disability.workforce3one.org/page/tag/1001325235377236027

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