Operation California First: Recommendations to Advance Employment Outcomes for Californians with Disabilities

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On October 27, 2014 (EST)

The California Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (CCEPD) is a statewide committee charged in statute with consulting and advising the Secretaries of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency and Health and Human Services Agency on all issues related to full inclusion in the workforce of persons with disabilities, including development of a comprehensive strategy.

While there are many factors that contribute to the low labor force participation rate among people with disabilities in California, CCEPD made a strategic decision to focus the Committee’s efforts in 2013 and 2014 on increasing the percentage of people with disabilities in California’s health workforce because research indicates that California’s healthcare providers have a tremendous influence on a disabled person’s decision to work or return to work. disability as their reason for not working. Most of those not working due to disability saw themselves as unable to work, whether at their former job (92%) or at any job (75%), and 97.3 percent were told by a healthcare provider that they could not work. 5CA surveyed people with disabilities on who discouraged them from pursuing employment and 95% identified their health care provider.

T0 view the full report, please click on View Page Now or go to: http://www.dor.ca.gov/boards-and-committees/documents/Operation%20California%20First%20FINAL%20091014.pdf

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