Forbes Publishes the Best Jobs for People with Disabilities

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On November 06, 2014 (EST)

The November 4, 2014, issue of Forbes Magazine website issued an article entitled "Best Jobs for People with Disabilities." It featured the “Final Rule” of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which now sets revised requirements for employers with contracts with the federal governmentfor employing individuals with disabilities.

"The new regulation prompted Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast, a job listing and advice website run by classified advertising software maker Adicio, to put together a list of best jobs for people with disabilities. The jobs are a sampling of some of the best jobs that people with disabilities are likely to get and perform with relative ease, according to Lee. These jobs also pay well and the outlook for growth is high, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics."

The promising careers for individuals with disabilities include the following: -- Accountant: Average Annual Salary - $64,000; Projected Growth by 2020 - 13%
-- Computer Support Specialist; $49,000; 17% Projected Growth
-- Management Consultant; $79,000; 19% Projected Growth
-- Market Research Analyst; $60,000; 32% Growth
-- Pharmaceutical Sales; $58,000; 9% Projected Growth
--Physician Assistant; $91,000; 38% Projected Growth
-- Statistician; $76,000; 27% Projected Growth
-- Vocational Counselor; $54,000; 12% Projected Growth

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