CAP Accommodates Workers’ Compensation Claimants

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On November 14, 2014 (EST)

Federal employees with disabilities who are injured on the job oftentimes encounter difficulties returning to work. The Computer and Electronic Accommodation Program (CAP) assists in this process, working with the employee who has filed a worker’s compensation claim and their manager to identify and provide assistive technology for the jobsite and/or telework location.

CAP helps employees continue as productive, active members of the workforce by providing the following services:

-- Coordinating with workers’ compensation officials to evaluate needs of claimants;
-- Exploring methods of retaining experienced workers who may be developing disabling conditions due to work-related injuries;
-- Providing assistive technology accommodations to enhance productivity;
-- Working with agencies to assess what telework options may be available.

The equipment and services received through CAP can help ensure that the employees work in an improved, safer and more productive environment.

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