Integrated Resource Teams - Making Connections Job Seekers with Disabilities

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On April 30, 2015 (EST)

This video highlights how the Disability Program Navigators (DPN) facilitated the establishment of an Integrated Resource Team (IRT) in Worksource Center, Portland, Oregon, and its applicability in American Job Centers nationwide. The IRT brings various partners (private and public, mandated and non-mandated) from a myriad of agencies/organizations (e.g., American Job Centers, Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies, mental health, developmental disabilities, etc.) across multiple systems to leverage resources, coordinate services/programs, and reduce duplication to better serve the individual customer with a disability and/or multiple employment challenges.

The ultimate goal of the IRT is to get the person with a disability a job; not just any job but a quality, non-stereotypical job that provides a living wage, career lattice opportunities, benefits, and reflects the individual’s interests, experience, education/training goals, and desires. It also represents the blending and braiding of resources around an individual customer with a disability' to meet their employment needs. This video tells the story of how the IRT approach worked to assist a customer, who is deaf, receive training at his local community college and a paid internship, with the goal of finding a higher paying job.

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