Fact Sheet:Employer Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities: Federal Tax Incentives At-A-Glance

Posted by Alexandra Kielty - On July 13, 2015 (EST)

National Employer Policy, Research and Technical Assistance Center for Employers on the Employment of People with Disabilities (EARN) has issued a Fact Sheet to help employers capitalize on the value and talent that people with disabilities offer America’s workplaces.

The Federal Government offers a number of tax credits for employers. Overall, these incentives are intended to serve two purposes: 1) to encourage the hiring of individuals with disabilities, and 2) to support modifications and accommodations designed to enhance the accessibility of the workplace and productivity of workers with disabilities. This new Employer TA Center fact sheet provides an overview of these incentives and links to further information.

To access the Fact Sheet, please click on View Page Now or go to: http://askearn.org/docs/AskEarn_TaxIncentives_factsheet.pdf

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