Making Employment Connections for Youth with Disabilities

Posted by Gary Gonzalez - On October 14, 2010 (EST)

The video highlights how Minnesota's WorkForce Centers established Youth Zones to serve youth and young adults, including those with disabilities, ages 14-21. Youth and young adults ages 14-24, particularly those with disabilities, do not readily access Minnesota's Workforce Centers because they are not perceived as being youth or disability friendly, and are rather viewed as being for adult use only. Youth Zones were established to provide a physical and virtual space for all youth and young adults, ages 14-24, to gain the knowledge and skills to conduct a successful job search and select a career path. This model is very effective for serving youth and young adults with disabilities. The Youth Zone model is being expanded throughout Minnesota and has replication potential in the One-Stop Career Center service delivery system. The video features two youth with learning disabilities who used Minnesota Workforce Centers' Youth Zone. This video is accompanied by a Promising Practice Brief "Maximizing the Self-Sufficiency of Youth with Disabilities in the One-Stop Career Center System:

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